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I am Elizabeth. 18 years old, and the Senior caption of my Guard, and editor of the yearbook, and a certified badass.

I'll be going to WWU next year, and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm interested in chemistry and I want to teach high school.

Fandoms include: Harry Potter, RoosterTeeth/ Achievement Hunter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Welcome to Night Vale, and anything else that may tickle my fancy.

Apr 18



Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” sang in 20 different styles

  • 0.00 - Katy Perry
  • 0:08 - Nirvana
  • 0:15 - Queen
  • 0:22 - Michael Jackson
  • 0:30 - ‘N Sync
  • 0:43 - Iron Maiden
  • 0:57 - Jamiroquai
  • 1:07 - Pantera
  • 1:13 - Frank Sinatra
  • 1:29 - Metallica
  • 1:35 - Pavarotti
  • 1:43 - The Doors
  • 2:00 - Run D.M.C
  • 2:08 - Tech N9ne
  • 2:16 - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • 2:21 - Slipknot
  • 2:26 - Louis Prima
  • 2:32 - Boyz II Men
  • 2:51 - Type 0 Negative
  • 3:14 - John Mayer


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samuel l. jackson is so adorable on twitter look at these old ppl selfies 

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just got back from the vet. you guys know what my dumb dog did?

he sprained his tail. from wagging it too hard. this is the stupidest thing.


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Goat Simulator : Joel & Adam // Michael & Gavin

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→Achievement Hunter

up close & personal

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Opaque Matte Lipstick - $6.99

these are exactly the lipsticks that white suburban moms and conservative talk radio hosts were worried about

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As Mr. Sloan always says, there is no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in pie. And there’s an “I” in meat pie. Anagram of meat is team… I don’t know what he’s talking about.

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A friend and I once ran into Jonathan Hyde (Van Pelt) in a pub after seeing him in a production of “King Lear”. My friend said, “Your character in Jumanji gave me nightmares when I was 7.”

Hyde looked him straight in the eye, stepped really close so they were basically nose-to-nose, and said: “Good.”

Then he walked away. What a dude.

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